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Our Airshowteam at FAI Sailplane Grand Prix Video Series in France: Documentation,Trailer, Opening(May 8th), 1.Race, Duskfireworks, 3rd Race

We are proud to be able to present you with worldchampionships skilled pilots and a 3 times female Worldchampion (non FAI) in the higtest possible category of glider aerobatics, a very rare type of aerobatic displays in germany and neighbouring countries.

We are displaying aerobatic flights with a pyrotechnical show accompanied by light and soundeffects at your airfield.

Joining other Airshowteams for Synchrondisplays.

( Individual displays with your preferred music e.g. at weddings, birthday parties and corporate events are possible. Photo- and video-flights for TV and film-productions are available on request)

More then 10 years of joint training for aerobatic competitions in the highest level category give us a sense, what is possible on the biggest stage of the world...the sky above us.


Airshows, Airshow, Flugtag, Deutschland, Germany, Skydance,Breitling, Schweiz,Nacht, Pyro Airshows, airshow, deutschland, Germany, Skydance, Lars Lehmann, Andrea Fenzau-Lehmann, Swift, Fireworks, Bollinger, night

Airshow, Flugtag, Deutschland, Skydance, Lars Lehmann, Andrea Fenzau Lehmann, Bautzen

In cooperation with: LTB Güntert+Kohlmetz, Grümmer Insurance

,Airshows, Deutschland, Skydance, lions ClubAirshows, Flugtag, Deutschland, Germany, Skydance, Lars Lehmann, Andrea Fenzau-Lehmann, Facebook

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